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Clinical Assessment of Modes Version 3.0, 2018

The Clinical Assessment of Modes (CAM) is a reliable and validated assessment package designed for use in practice settings and in hands-on educational settings (such as labs). The 30 item assessment describes five behaviors/communications for each of the six IRM modes (Advocating, Collaborating, Empathizing, Encouraging, Instructing and Problem Solving). These six communication styles (modes) may be rated from the perspective of the therapist (as a self-rating assessment), the client (as the client perceives the communication efforts of the therapist) and from the perspective of third—person observer (a passive observer of the client-therapist interaction). The CAM Bundle includes Observer (regular, long form, and training form), Client, and Therapist versions respectively. It also includes the Observer, Client and Therapist versions of the Rapid Clinical Assessment of Modes (R-CAM), which is an abbreviated version of the CAM. This bundle also includes the Client Mode Preference Questionnaire. The Client Mode Preference Questionnaire is designed to measure the extent and type of therapeutic communication that a client would prefer the therapist to use, rather than a rating of the actual communication that the therapist has used. This assessment mirrors the other CAM assessments, but it is to be used before therapy begins or when there is an impasse in communication between the client and therapist, and the therapist wants to get a better idea of the client’s preferences. Cost of the CAM Bundle, which includes all of the CAM assessment variations.

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Price: $40.00

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