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Details for Bulk Purchasing


The Clearinghouse offers three payments options. You may purchase assessments through MOHO-IRM Web with a credit card at any time. If this is not convenient for your organization, we also offer an option of paying via check or wire transfer. Please note that there is an additional $30.00 fee associated with all wire transfers, and all checks must be drawn from a U.S. bank in U.S. currency – checks drawn from foreign banks or in foreign currency cannot be processed. If purchasing via mailed check or wire transfer, please email The clearinghouse will need the MOHO-IRM Web account details (full name and user email) of your staff to provide digital access to the assessment manuals and materials will be provided once payment is received. Please provide which payment option would be the best fit for your organization, and the clearinghouse will provide an invoice for your records if necessary. Per MOHO Clearinghouse policy, we accept POs, but do not give access to the assessment until we receive payment in full. Individual MOHO assessment tools are priced at $40 USD with the exception of our 2 newly released assessments, the Remotivation Process v.2 and Role Checklist v.3 which are priced at $44 USD each. Our assessment package costs $300 and includes 14 MOHO Assessments that are validated. There are no additional fees or taxes associated with your purchase.


Per MOHO Clearinghouse policy, all assessment user licenses must be purchased on a per user basis. That is, each individual administering the assessment should be covered by an individual assessment license. For instance, if your organization wishes to license 15 staff members to administer the MOHOST, 15 MOHOST assessments would need to be purchased. However, all assessment licenses purchased by your organization will be retained for use by your organization independently of whether an individual therapist enters or leaves the service. Please confirm the number of staff you wish to license to administer the assessments and the clearinghouse will draft the appropriate documentation or invoice if necessary.

Once a user purchases an assessment (or their organization purchases an assessment for them), they are then "licensed" to use that assessment. Therefore, licensure is granted upon completed purchase of an assessment. No further fee is associated with licensure (there are no taxes or annual fees). Each licensed user has unlimited digital access to the assessments that have been purchased – there are no restrictions regarding number of evaluations completed or the time elapsed from the date of purchase. The licensed user will always have access to the manuals and fillable PDF assessment forms by logging into their associated MOHO-IRM Web account and going to the “My Account” tab. All assessment licenses purchased by your organization will be retained for use by your organization independently of whether an individual therapist enters or leaves the service.


Lastly, all MOHO Assessments are available by electronic access through MOHO Web. The paper copies of both the manuals and the assessments are also accessible, indefinitely and for as many times as one wishes, via the PDF download and print option. With this transition, we no longer offer hard copies through delivery. Users can access purchased manuals electronically by logging in to their MOHO-IRM Web account and going to the “My Account” tab. Users will then have the option of completing the assessment online or downloading and printing the full version of the assessment manuals or fillable PDF assessment forms. A licensed user can certainly print the manuals as many times as necessary as long as it is for personal use (other providers must have a separate user license).

When deciding to purchase the assessments in bulk, there are a few access options for making these assessments available to staff. One of the options is that your organization may set up a master account (e.g., where a purchasing officer or staff member can purchase assessments in bulk and personally manage which staff get access to the account. Alternatively, if you wish for each individual OT to have their own user account, the clearinghouse can assist by setting up MOHO accounts on your behalf. We can set up an account for a specific OT (e.g., or use a generic email address in order to create generic accounts (e.g., - either one of these MOHO-IRM Web account usernames can be recycled as old staff leave and new staff join the team.

For further bulk purchase inquiries, please contact

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