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Spanish Assessment and Intervention Package


By purchasing the Spanish Assessment Package you will have access to a PDF of all 18 tools including assessments, interventions, and additional products that have been translated into Spanish. The Spanish Assessment Package includes:
  • ACIS
  • COSA
  • Interest Checklist
  • NIH Activity Record
  • OQ
  • OSA
  • Pediatric Interest Profile
  • PVQ
  • REIS
  • Remotivation Process Manual
  • Role Checklist
  • SSI
  • VQ
  • WEIS
  • WRI

Note: This product includes access to the full PDF assessment manual. After the assessment is purchased, the printable full assessment manual is available by clicking the "My Account" tab (located in the tab bar at the top of the browser), selecting your assessment from the "You have the following products associated with your account:" box and finally clicking the "Manual" link in the "Links and Resources" box.

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Price: $40.00

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