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The Pediatric Volitional Questionnaire (PVQ) Version 2.1, 2008

Semonti Basu, Ana Kafkes, Rebecca Schatz, Anne Kiraly, and Gary Kielhofner

The PVQ is an observational assessment tool that examines a child's motivation. By systematically capturing how a child reacts to and acts within his/her environment, the PVQ provides insight into a child's inner motives and information about how the environment enhances or attenuates volition. By assessing volition through observation, the PVQ effectively evaluates all children 2 to 7 years of age regardless of ability.

The PVQ describes motivation within three stages of volitional development:
  • Exploration
  • Competency
  • Achievement
Using several observations in different environments, a therapist can use the PVQ assessment results to support the child's participation in a variety of occupations. This newest version uses the same items and rating scale as the previous version, but presents the items according to the volitional continuum, for easier interpretation and use.

Note: This product includes access to the full PDF assessment manual, fillable PDF assessment forms, and online forms. After the assessment is purchased, the printable full assessment manual and fillable assessment forms are available by clicking the "My Account" tab (located in the tab bar at the top of the browser), clicking the "Create a New Evaluation" link (located in a textbox on the right side of the screen), selecting your assessment from the drop down menu and clicking start, and finally clicking the "Manual" or "Assessment Forms" link in the "Links and Resources" box. At this point, you may also click on the "Get Started" button to complete online forms.

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