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The School Setting Interview (SSI) Version 3.0, 2005

Helena Hemmingsson, Snaefridur Egilson, Oshrat Hoffman, and Gary Kielhofner

The SSI uses a client-centered interview to assist the occupational therapist in intervention planning. The SSI considers the student's occupational performance in all environments in which she or he assumes the student role, including the classroom, playground, gymnasium, corridors and fieldtrips. Therapists are given the opportunity to analyze the steps needed to implement accommodations based on the student's perceived needs.

The SSI is a semi-structured interview designed to assess student-environment fit and identify the need for accommodations for students with disabilities in the school setting. The SSI helps identify gaps between accommodations the student is currently using and what accommodations and assistive technology may be needed to facilitate effective occupational performance. This assessment is to be used collaboratively with the student and is therefore intended for students who are able to communicate their feelings.
The SSI v3.0 may be purchased from the Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists.

Note: This product includes access to the full PDF assessment manual, fillable PDF assessment forms, and online forms. After the assessment is purchased, the printable full assessment manual and fillable assessment forms are available by clicking the "My Account" tab (located in the tab bar at the top of the browser), clicking the "Create a New Evaluation" link (located in a textbox on the right side of the screen), selecting your assessment from the drop down menu and clicking start, and finally clicking the "Manual" or "Assessment Forms" link in the "Links and Resources" box. At this point, you may also click on the "Get Started" button to complete online forms.

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