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Sandee Chalik, OTR/L
School Setting, USA

I use MOHO in my school based practice especially with students in high school who have emotional or behavioral disorders or difficulties taking on the student role successfully .  I have found that the bottom line for most of these kids is volition and MOHO directly targets volition in a way that no other theoretical perspective does.   MOHO assessment tools, such as the Assessment of Occupational Functioning, which I modified slightly for school, helps me find ways to key into a student’s values, interests, and how he or she feels that he or she can or cannot make an impact on the environment.  I am using MOHO with two students right now.  As yet, the most positive outcome is building a solid rapport with these kids who distrust people at school, at home, and basically believe that they have very limited ways of exercising any sort of control over their own lives.  Generalization to taking on more of the student role appropriately inside and outside the classroom is slow to occur, but I have only been working with them for a number of months.

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